Houthis in al-Hodaidah transfer detainees to Hajjah

English - Monday 03 December 2018 الساعة 07:04 pm
Al-Hodaidah – Newsyemen

Private sources revealed to Newsyemen that Houthis are to transfer hundreds of detainees in al-Hodaidah province to private prisons established in Hajjah province.

The transferring move came amid the military operations calm in al-Hodaidah city, west Yemen, sources said.

Detainees were moved by Houthis from one of the Academic residential building at the faculty of Education in Zabid city, sources added.

The biggest Center for detainees is a prison in al-Taqwa mosque in Bait al-Faqih city in al-Hodaidah province.

 A political security prison in al-Hodaidah city which run by Alaadin al-Omaisi, an official at Houthi Preventive Security, using to kill detainees.  

Al-Zahra Association prison in Zaideyah district, is the largest detainee in the northern districts in al-Hodaidah province.

Houthi militias' measures revive all the traditions practiced by the Imams' wars in the same regions in which Imam transferred prisoners to Hajjah as well, killing dozens of prisoners in that period.