Houthis continue violating ceasefire in al-Hodeida city 

English - Saturday 12 January 2019 الساعة 02:29 pm
Al-Hodeida/Mocha – Newsyemen.net 

A soldier of the Joint Resistance Forces was killed by a Houthi bullet in al-Jah area, south al-Hodeida province, west Yemen, a military source said on Saturday. 

The source added that another solider was injured in the same area amid the Houthi armed reinforcements towards al-Jah area as part of their continuous ceasefire violations.

The source pointed out that Houthi reinforcements' move are monitored behind the coastal defense camp in al-Hodeida city early Friday. 

From 1 am to 5 pm, the militias committed at least eight successive ceasefire violations. The sites of the Joint Resistance Forces in al-Mazareeq and al-Jah villages were targeted by the Houthi militias, using machine-guns 14.5 and 12.7, 23 and Beka for six times. 

The source explained that the Houthi militias set up before 6 pm on Friday artillery in Sana'a street inside al-Hodeida city.