Shabwa Elite Forces: partner in combating terrorism and weapons

English - Monday 14 January 2019 الساعة 01:21 pm
Shabwa – 

All indications confirm that the government of President Hadi sees the success of Shabwa Elite Forces as a threat.

The Elite managed to secure large areas in Shabwa province, and fight the chaos forces, terrorism and crime, it is their role and logo and the task of legitimacy and the goal of international support and the Arab Coalition.

International support for the Legitimacy stems from a fundamental objective of preventing Yemen to be a victim of terrorism, which has been spurred by the Houthi proliferation and the fall of legitimacy.

Contrary to what is expected, instead of the Elite forces receives the government's praise, what is happened is that to ignite wars against the Elite. 

Even President Hadi sacked the prime minister, Dr. Ahmed Bin Dagher, just because Dr. Bin Daher rejected a letter from Ambassador in Washington Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak.

In the letter, Dr. Bin Mubarak called the Security Council to consider the Elite forces a threat to peace in Yemen, and that they are irregular forces, although they receive support from the Arab Alliance itself, from which President Hadi receives support to restore stability and legitimacy in Yemen.