Activist Jamal Al Asmar survives an assassination attempt in Taiz

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2019-12-10 12:24:13

On Monday, activist and media activist Jamal Al-Asmar was exposed to an assassination attempt in front of his house by a security wanted soldier affiliated with the Islah party, the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen.

Local sources said that Amer Saif al-Sharabi, a member of the pro-Islah army, came to Al Asmar neighborhood, riding a motorbike with a driver, and pulled his weapon, after searching for his house in Ishaq neighborhood in the old city of Taiz.

The sources pointed out that the assassination case of the activist Al-Asmar due to his biased writing of the weak on social media, and his follow-up to the case of the martyr "Beckem" who was killed by Amer Al-Sharabi inside Al-Thawra Hospital several months ago in Taiz.

The sources confirmed that the pro-Islah after he declared his weapon, and attacked Al Asmar by saying: "You write against me on facebook." He lowered his weapon after he found a friend of Asmar also carrying a weapon, and left the place.

The companions of Al-Asmar held the security authorities responsible for exposing Al-Asmar to any harm, demanding the arrest of the wanted offender and referring him to court.

Al-Asmar submitted a report to the Bab Al-Kabeer Police Department, explaining what he was subjected to, demanding that the department perform its role in accordance with the law.

Al-Asmar on his page on facebook appealed to the citizens of his neighborhood to confront the armed gunmen who enter his neighborhood, without any deterrent role by the security authorities.