A prominent Houthi leader and his companions were killed in al-Husha, Dhale’

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2019-12-26 10:09:57

A prominent leader in the Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, was killed, on Wednesday, in the Al-Dhale’ front, along with a number of his companions.

A military source in the Southern Resistance confirmed the death of a prominent Houthi leader in Habeel Obaid, west of the Battar region, northwest of Dhale’

Late on Wednesday evening, artillery from the southern forces again struck the Houthi positions in the northern Al-Fakhr front, after bombing groups in the same front, and behind Al-Fakher market, while violent battles broke out in Al-Fakher and Bab Ghalaq.

Commander Ismail Lajam, commander of the first battalion of the Al-Shoubaji Brigades, stationed in the Battar Front, said that the leader who was killed, was called "Akram Muhammad Musaad: He is one of the most prominent field leaders of the Houthi militia in the fronts of North Dhale’

Lajam, said that the Houthi leader was killed, along with a group of escorts, when the southern forces' artillery targeted several groups of Houthi militias, in Habeel Obaid, east of the Al-Hashah district, west of the Battar region.