Document: Turkish intelligence officers entered Yemen through the Sarfait port

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2019-12-26 19:38:45

A leaked document revealed that Turkish intelligence officers had recently entered Yemen, through the Sarfait port.

The arrival of the Turkish intelligence elements coincided with a secret movement taking place in Turkey with the aim of forming a new political bloc against the Arab coalition in Yemen.

According to the document published by Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, a member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, on his account in "Twitter", the entry of four members of the Turkish intelligence through the Yemeni Sarfit port.
Commenting on the document, Al-Awlaki said: "It is no longer a secret to anyone, the growing Turkish role in Yemen, with unlimited facilitation of Yemeni legitimacy subject to the influence of the Yemeni Brotherhood.

The southern leader added: "It seems that we are on the cusp of new developments in the Yemeni scene."

It is reported that "the Brotherhood of Yemen is planning for military and political bullying in Turkey in cloning of Turkish interference in Syria and Libya."

Recently, Yemeni politicians and media outlets flocked to Istanbul and Ankara, including government officials who were known for their positions hostile to the Arab coalition, to participate in secret consultations to announce a political and media alliance that includes figures from various streams affiliated with Qatar seeking to organize its ranks in the face of the Arab coalition during the coming period.

Political leaders and media activists took part in the Istanbul consultations, who adopted positions hostile to the Arab alliance in the wake of the failure of the military invasion of Aden.

The indications of the growing Turkish role in Yemen coincide with a visit by a Turkish delegation to the Brotherhood-dominated city of Marib, and information indicates that the visit being made under the cover of the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Organization to Marib exceeds the human dimension, to political, economic and security dimensions.