Tweeters: Al-Houthi is a malicious plant, destined for destroy and giants, a strategic partner to confront Iran

English - الثلاثاء 25 يناير 2022 الساعة 10:41 ص
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Southern activists launched the hashtag (#Houthi_Destiny_Defeat), coinciding with the setbacks faced by the Houthi terrorist militia, in the areas of Ain and Harib at the hands of the forces of the southern giants backed by the Arab coalition aircraft.

They stressed that the terrorist Houthi militia is a malicious plant on the ground that is destined to be eradicated, noting that they will not be spared their placement on the global terrorist lists.

Adviser to the President of the Transitional Council, Saddam Abdullah, said that when there is a strong will and a sincere intention for liberation, the heroes will be able to achieve victory. Thus, the southern forces dealt in their various battles with the Houthi militias and achieved victories, the last of which is today in the expulsion of these militias and their escape from the city of Harib, adjacent to the southern city of Ain.

The son of the governor of Shabwa, Muhammad Ibn al-Wazir, described the giants as a symbol of success and hope, stressing that they have become a strategic partner against Iranian influence, nationally, and a model at the regional level.  There is no model in the region like the forces of giants, and now it is the model that I believe will expand further if we want to defeat Iran in the region, and today, Harib is liberated.

The journalist, Yasser Al-Yafei, confirmed that more than 5 years after the Houthi use of Iranian marches and missiles against the coalition, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in the development and prosperity of deserts that are being built and cities that are being demolished and new cities built in their place, and the Houthis from backwardness to backwardness delude people with lies and sell them death  illusion

 In short, the Houthis are a terrorist, and the Houthis are destined to be destroyed

For his part, the political activist, Waheeb Saadi, said that the Houthi militia was not satisfied with killing and destruction, it stole the international aid, the state’s revenues are all the efforts of the military incinerators of death that followed them, the prisons are full, the planting of mines, death for people in cities and roads, disease is widespread, famine is widespread, as well as the last thing they cut  Internet of the people.

In the tweet of activist Saeed Damdad, he said in the Yemen war a slogan: Victory, self-sufficiency, integrity, transparency, honor, and humility, and only the Southern Giants Brigades were distinguished from others in reality.

He added: When the Brotherhood were 

calling for the Emirates to leave the coalition, we wrote that the aim of this was to pave the way for the Al-Hawti fronts to advance to the south and challenge the kingdom, while the Brotherhood's accounts at that time were led by media misinformation.. And here we are today in a reality that speaks for itself.

While activist Sufian Al-Mahri said, “You reproach him, who is supported by the Emiratis, if the result is the formation of this striking force and men who do not remain and do not apologize. By God, you are an honor for every honorable Arab Muslim who defends his religion, his honor and his money, and from victory to victory.