"Zero" is the outcome of UN briefings.. Politicians: When will the militia implement the terms of the armistice?

English - الثلاثاء 17 مايو 2022 الساعة 11:01 ص
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Politicians asked, after the resumption of Sanaa airport flights, on Monday, whether the Houthi militia would open the humanitarian corridors to the movement of citizens, and implement the terms of the UN armistice that has not been implemented, nor any clause by the militia until this moment, while the legitimacy has implemented it on its part.

They pointed out that there is a real test awaiting the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen after the first plane took off from Sanaa airport, and the most important test awaits the Houthi terrorist militia, which falsely claims fear for the Yemeni citizen.

They stressed that the time has come to implement the rest of the truce unconditionally, as Yemen's regions have become besieged by Iranian minefields, while the militia refuses to hand over maps, open crossings, and lift the siege.

Political journalist Nabil Al-Soufi asked, does Al-Houthi open even one road for those who rule them?  They are tormented in their movements, not those who are under the control of legitimacy. 

Al-Sufi had said that allowing flights from the heart of the Houthi capital, despite all the objections and fears of Houthi exploitation, is to facilitate the Yemenis who are under the control of the Houthis.

For his part, journalist Yasser Al-Yafei said that Houthi exploitation of the humanitarian file to achieve material, political and military gains is a very dangerous matter. The gains he made from the armistice are to achieve material returns from the sale of oil derivatives, and he will make gains from flights from Sanaa airport!

He warned against sympathizing with this group in the name of humanity.

Political journalist Amin Al-Waeli wrote that the return of the airport, the lifting of the siege, and the opening of roads and crossings is an original demand and concomitant obligations.

And he added, in a post, the joyful news of the beloved Sanaa and the Yemenis taking off the first flight, but this event is not complete without another half attached to it;  Will the militias allow the trips to communicate and for a breakthrough to be able to implement their part of the obligations of the armistice agreement towards the siege of Taiz and the rest of the cities?

Is Houthi a peace project? 

Al-Waeli asked: Why not mention salaries, which are more important for hundreds of thousands and their families?  Is Sanaa the capital of a country and people, or just a travel station?  Is all that Sanaa needs is the return of a flight or the return of the state?

Military analyst Ali al-Dhahab said al-Houthi left the Stockholm Agreement (in 2018), burdened with gains, while the Yemeni government returned empty-handed.

In the current truce, al-Houthi is achieving one achievement after another, in which the government cannot, in return for opening Sanaa airport, open a quarter of a road in Taiz, which has been besieged for seven years.  what's behind the hill?!