The power outage at Aden Airport raises the question about the fate of the UAE and Saudi support, and the public administration answers

English - الأربعاء 18 مايو 2022 الساعة 07:58 م
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 A video circulated on social media regarding the power outage at Aden International Airport put the Ministry of Transport in an embarrassing situation, especially in light of the support provided by the UAE and Saudi Arabia for the continuity of electrical current at the airport.

The video, filmed at night, shows dozens of passengers using the lights of their mobile phones to reach the plane.

Activists mentioned that in 2019, the Emirates Red Crescent gave Aden Airport a generator with a capacity of 1 megawatt to maintain the electricity, and at the end of 2021, specifically in November, the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen gave the airport two generators with a generating capacity of 1 megawatt as well.. They wondered in this regard about  The fate of the support provided by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Activists considered the circulation of such a video a scandal against the Ministry of Transport, which spoke on more than one occasion about the efforts made to rehabilitate and develop Aden International Airport and improve the services provided in it.. They demand in this regard that those behind this scandal be held accountable, which offends the legitimate government and the efforts of the Arab coalition.

 Another asked, "What is happening at Aden airport, and for whom is it destroyed?"

These criticisms were responded to by the administration of Aden International Airport in a statement issued by it, in which it appreciated the constructive media criticism, but at the same time it expressed its strong refusal to turn this into a systematic campaign of defamation against a vital artery and the country's first gateway to the world.

They said, "Concerning the controversy surrounding the causes of power outages in the halls and halls of Aden International Airport, as it is part of the governorate's broader problem and the frequent power outages in the capital, Aden, and when the automatic switching between the vertical current and the reserve generator current at the airport and vice versa.  The interruption period of up to 40 seconds is shown, and this is due to the design of the automatic switching system.

It pointed out that the airport currently relies on a one-mega-power generator provided by the Emirates Red Crescent and operates 24 hours a day, in the face of the severe heat wave in Aden and the frequent outages in the city as a whole witnessing double pressures and it takes a few seconds until the electric current is turned on through the automatic system.

The administration cautioned that the generators provided by the Saudi program as a thankful support have not yet entered service and work is underway by the supplying company under the supervision of the Saudi Program for the Reconstruction of Yemen to bring them into readiness.. Emphasizing that there are real efforts being made to solve the problem by providing an emergency lighting system and work is being done  On the introduction of cable and constant current from the generation stations directly to the airport to solve the electricity problem radically, and work is underway to accomplish this, and during the next few days this strategic project will be launched, which will contribute to solving the problem of radical power outages at Aden Airport.