Shabwa asks: Where are the alleged Ibn Adyo projects?

English - الخميس 19 مايو 2022 الساعة 09:25 ص
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The people of Shabwa governorate revealed the falsehood of the alleged development by the Brotherhood’s media about the projects of the dismissed Brotherhood governor, Muhammad bin Adyo.

Politicians and activists from Shabwa governorate said that the projects that the Brotherhood's media talked about to polish Governor Ibn Adyo were just fake projects that do not exist on the ground.

This became clearer when Ibn Adyo was dismissed, and the reality of the governorate, which suffers from an electricity and water crisis and a lack of important projects, emerged, as it became clear the great falsification of development that the Brotherhood media was talking about during the period of Ibn Adyo’s rule.

Academic Dr. Hussein Al-Diyani said that the biggest prank that Shabwa ate was the lost development of Ben Adyo.

 Al-Diyani added, in his tweet, that the biggest prank that Shabwa has eaten is the development of Bin Adyo. 90% of the projects are missing their documents and in violation of the law, according to the committee’s evaluation of project contracts and the problem is from the governor Al-Khalaf, asking: Where are the project documents, thief?

Al-Diyani indicated that the contractors should also be summoned and investigated, and whoever lodged in the basement and colluded with Ibn Udayi through agreements in the slaughterhouse should be denied entry to upcoming tenders and his activity should be suspended for 5 years.

Human rights journalist Saleh Hagros confirmed that there is a financial deficit of $100 million in projects that were signed during the era of Ibn Adyo’s authority and were not implemented. 

Hagros tweeted, more than $100 million, a financial deficit in projects whose contracts were signed and not implemented by the former Brotherhood authority in Shabwa governorate until now.

He pointed out that the previous Brotherhood authority was the cause and basis of the problem, and today it wants the governor, the son of the minister, to implement new projects in light of this situation that they have planted.