Escalation of family murders in the Houthi militia areas

English - السبت 21 مايو 2022 الساعة 04:15 م
Ibb, Amran, NewsYemen:

Murders, including family murders, have escalated alarmingly in the areas under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia, as a result of the mobilization and incitement to hatred with which the militia is stifling the minds of its followers.

Within three days, the governorates of Ibb and Amran recorded 4 murders, the most heinous of which was committed by an armed Houthi militia member in the Ayal Sarih district (Amran governorate), where he killed his wife and daughter and wounded his father.

In Ibb governorate, on Friday, May 20, 2022, a young man killed his father in Mudakhira in Ibb governorate, two days after the body of a girl was found brutally murdered in the countryside of Al Mashna district, east of the governorate capital.

Local sources said that a young man named "Imad Abdel-Wahhab" had killed his father in Mudhakira, against the background of the fact that the father, who belonged to the village of Al-Hammadi, had earlier imprisoned him because he disobeyed his parents and had many problems with neighbors.

The sources indicated that the grandfather and grandmother of the offender “Imad” mediated and forced his father to go to release him from prison;  But as soon as he got out, he shot his father, killing him.

Earlier, the body of a girl who was brutally murdered was found in the Al-Mashnah district, east of the city of Ibb.

Local sources said that a shepherd had found the body of a girl in the "Al-Jabajab" area of the Al-Mashnah district, noting that the victim (aged 14) was found dead, her hands and feet were cut off, and she was buried in an urgent manner.

In Amran governorate, a Houthi-linked gunman killed his wife and daughter before killing himself in the latest domestic violence crime in the district of Azar on Thursday evening, May 19.

Local sources told NewsYemen that a gunman named "Youssef Arar," 35, from al-Sakibat, Azhar district, killed his wife and daughter, and shot his father;  In a brutal scene shook the conscience of the people.

The motives for the horrific crime are not yet known, but preliminary information indicates that the perpetrator has recently entered a psychological state, as a result of the deterioration of his living situation, the lack of sources of daily sustenance and his inability to provide for his family.

And last Wednesday, the body of a hanged child named Muhannad Abdo Al-Mashali (13 years old), was found in mysterious circumstances, inside a shop owned by his father, in the night market in the city of Amran.

This coincides with the disclosure of a serial killer belonging to the Houthi militia, who killed five people, including a 17-year-old girl, and buried them on his farm.

Local sources stated that the family of a Houthi gunman managed to reach the location of the body of her missing son about 5 months ago, and identified his killer, who was his colleague on the Houthi fronts.  Where he killed him and buried him in a qat farm in the Bani Abd area, which is affiliated to the Ayal Sarih district.

The sources pointed out that the discovery of the latest crime led to the emergence of other crimes committed by the Houthi element, who liquidated his colleague and called the people of the area “the butcher.”

The sources said that the Houthi gunman, "Ali Hussein Muflih Al-Abdi", who was only 17 years old, committed several crimes of murder and theft in his area of Bani Abd without anyone knowing, until the body of one of the victims was found a few days ago and the culprit was revealed, who later confessed to his other crimes.

According to the sources, the Houthi butcher killed two young men from the Khamer district months ago, looted what they had and buried them secretly in his farm.

The sources indicated that among the victims was a young woman named “Altaf Hammoud Shamsan”, 17 years old, from the same area, and she disappeared eight months ago and her family did not know where she had disappeared until the perpetrator confessed to killing her and burying her in his farm, as she had seen him by chance burying one of his victims.  By killing and burying her in order to hide his crimes - according to his claim.

The sources confirmed that the butcher confessed to killing a number of his colleagues on the Houthi front line, out of greed for their property and weapons and burying them after their killing, without being discovered.

Recently, family crimes committed by Houthi elements against members of their families have increased.  As a result of the mobilization and incitement to murder and hatred with which the militia tampers the minds of its followers, which is reflected on their behavior in the environment of their families and society.

It is worth noting that the percentage of criminal crimes in the governorates under the control of the Houthi militia in particular has increased remarkably;  As a result of the security chaos on the one hand, and the violence and terrorism sponsored by the militia on the other.