Al-Alimi is looking for British-Dutch support for the leadership council reforms in the liberated provinces

English - الاثنين 23 مايو 2022 الساعة 08:42 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, searched for British-Dutch support for the reforms of the Presidential Council and the Yemeni government, especially in the rehabilitation and improvement of services in the liberated areas, especially the capital, Aden.

During his meeting with council members, Tariq Saleh, Abdul Rahman Al Muharrami, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi, the British Ambassador to Yemen Richard Oppenheim, today, Monday, the President of the Council referred to the efforts of the Presidential Leadership Council at various levels, including the expected reforms in the military and security institutions and the fight against terrorism.

In addition to the economic, service and justice files and the importance of international support for these efforts.

The meeting also discussed, according to the government agency, Saba, the measures required to extend the truce, in light of the Houthi militia's continued intransigence regarding its commitments under the agreement in which the Leadership Council and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy fulfilled all their humanitarian and military obligations.

President Al-Alimi and members of the Leadership Council stressed the importance of international and British pressure in order to push the armed group to implement its obligations regarding the crossings of Taiz and other governorates, and to pay the salaries of employees from the fees of oil derivatives ships.

In this regard, Al-Alimi stressed, during his meeting with the Dutch Ambassador to Yemen Peter Dirk Hof, and the Deputy Director General for International Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Birgitta Tazelaar, the importance of continuing Dutch and international support for efforts to improve services, economic and living conditions, especially amid new local and international changes, reviewing  The reforms that the Presidential Command Council is working on, including the unification of the military and security institutions under the Riyadh Agreement, in addition to the economic, service and judicial files.

For her part, the Dutch official presented a detailed explanation of the support provided by her country to the development process in Yemen, and the coordinated projects between the two countries to implement them during the coming period.