Militias complete the Houthina of the local administration with dynastic and regional appointments

English - Saturday 04 June 2022 الساعة 10:59 am
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, continues to erode the public service in various state institutions and sectors through the procedures it implements in these institutions, whether by creating alternative structures and entities for these institutions and transferring the latter’s powers to those unconstitutional entities, or through the processes of the government of the public service in various  Positions within the institutions ranging from the position of minister to the position of head of the department.

In this context, sources in the Ministry of Local Administration in the militia-controlled government told NewsYemen: The Houthi leaders have completed the Houthina process of undersecretary positions, either by increasing the number of agents to rise to (14) undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries, or by dismissing leaders who held positions of agents and agents.  Assistants in the ministry and replaced by leaders of the militias.

The sources added: The Houthi process takes place outside all constitutional and legal frameworks that govern the public function and appointments to leaders, especially in senior positions in institutions and ministries, the most important of which is competence, specialized academic qualifications, practical experience, and seniority at work, and the need for appointments to be from within the institutions and not from outside.  , Which is completely undermined by the militias in the process of dismissal and appointment of leaders.

According to the sources, the agents and assistant undersecretaries in the Ministry of Local Administration appointed by the militias, who have so far numbered (12), are all from outside the ministry, and all of them do not have any academic and specialized qualifications, and most of them - if not all - are young people who do not have any experience.  In the field of local administration work, and that the only criterion on which militia appointments are based is the extent of these people’s affiliation and loyalty to the militias and the extent to which they are close or related to their leaders, especially leaders belonging to the Hashemite families and leaders geographically belonging to Saada, which now controls the decision within the various state institutions in Sana’a and the militia-controlled areas  .

The sources pointed out that the leader affiliated with the Sanaa conference, Ali bin Ali al-Qaisi.  And the one who occupies the position of Minister of Local Administration has become the right arm used by the militias to pass their decisions related to the dismissal of national leaders from their positions within the ministry.  And the nomination of leaders affiliated with the Houthi militia.  Al-Qaisi is the one who undertakes the process of approving the nomination of replacements for leaders in various senior ministry positions, especially undersecretaries, assistant undersecretaries and general managers.  Noting that this confirms the truth of the accusations leveled by conference leaders of al-Qaisi that he has become one of the figures affiliated with the Sana'a conference, but she is loyal to the militias and implements their directions, whether within the ministry, or even with regard to the General People's Congress in Sana'a as a political organization.  He is considered one of the most prominent leaders who obstruct taking any positions by the Sana'a Conference against the Houthi militias.