Will the Leadership Council succeed, after its recent directives, in stopping the tampering with the public office and the civil service law?

English - السبت 04 يونيو 2022 الساعة 05:35 م
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Yemeni politicians and activists rejoiced at the recent directives of the Presidential Leadership Council, which stipulated stopping appointment decisions that violate the civil service law, as well as stopping the appointment of first and second degree relatives.

The directives of the Leadership Council came eight years after the Islah party, which controlled the decision of Yemeni legitimacy, tampered with administrative work, government positions and the diplomatic corps, which was targeted and turned into family blocs that have nothing to do with diplomatic work.

The absurdity of appointments did not stop at senior positions, but reached the point where ministers and governorate governors exceeded their powers determined by law regarding appointment and assignment decisions, which resulted in disputes and cancellation of decisions hours after their issuance.

Journalist Adnan Al-Rajhi says, "Stopping appointments based on nepotism and kinship is a decision that is long overdue, and the public office should be rehabilitated after it was subjected to tampering, looting and corruption," expressing his hope that there will be a review of the jobs that have been distributed since 2015 to those who did not submit to the criterion of competence, experience and priority, especially in embassies.  Ministries' undersecretaries, advisors and general managers.

Political journalist Tawfiq Al-Sami'i reinforces Al-Rajhi's talk, stressing that this decision is an excellent step that stops the mess of appointments during the last period for relatives.

He said, "It remains a later step to stop the appointments for not being entitled to it from the street to the degree of an agent or general manager without passing through the legal ladder for the public job, which has lost the prestige of the state and its decisions and the prestige of the public office."

For his part, head of the Training and Rehabilitation Committee of the Journalists Syndicate, Nabil Al-Asadi, said that "the recent directives issued by the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Minister considered them among the most important decisions issued recently aimed at stopping the tampering with the public job after it turned in recent years into a family and paralytic job with distinction."

 He added, "We also hoped that the directives would include stopping appointment decisions for relatives in jobs not under the supervision of their relatives.. Most of those who were appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies," pointing to the need to re-publish the Official Gazette as the only evidence that the directives are real and implemented, otherwise they will be ink on  paper.

While commenting on the decision, politician Madin Miqbas said, “A welcome step, but the Prime Minister’s directive to cancel some of the Minister of Transport’s decisions with appointments to the Land Transport Authority and Aden Airport, as well as the presidential directive to stop appointing relatives is a welcome step that heralds the beginning of a new stage to restore the prestige of the law and consideration for the public office, but  Why were the consequences of those decisions not cancelled? 

The official memorandum addressed by the Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Yahya Al-Shuaibi, to Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik, stressed the need to take the necessary measures to stop appointments that were made outside the framework of the Civil Service Law and stop decisions to appoint relatives of the first and second degree, as long as the appointee will work under supervision.  direct contact with one of his relatives.

 The directive also stipulated that all appointments to the public office should be subject to the principle of transparency and justice in accordance with the law.

In turn, the Prime Minister addressed the ministers and governorate governors to implement the directives of the Presidential Leadership Council. He also directed the Ministers of Civil Service, Insurance, Legal Affairs and Human Rights to follow up on the implementation of this.

The directives of the Presidential Leadership Council aim to stop tampering with the public office, after officials of the authority of former President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the Brotherhood’s Islah Party turned it into a family job in recent years.