The bandits postpone the second round of negotiations

English - السبت 04 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:19 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The head of the Yemeni government delegation to the Amman negotiations, Abdulkarim Shaiban, revealed that the negotiations to open roads in Taiz, which were scheduled for Saturday, were postponed until Sunday, due to the delay in the arrival of the Houthi militia delegation to the Jordanian capital.

Shaiban said, in a press statement, "We are ready and ready and we have no reservations about it. Our vision is clear and humane, which is to lift the siege on civilians, end violations, indiscriminate shelling and sniping of residential neighborhoods;  In compliance with the armistice, we were informed that the second negotiations would start today, Saturday, but at a late date we were asked to hold a meeting with the UN envoy and we were informed of the postponement for Sunday.”

He pointed out that this absence comes despite the end of the first period of the armistice, its extension, and the government's implementation of its obligations to open Sanaa airport and the port of Hodeidah, but we find that the Houthis have not fulfilled their obligations to open the main roads to the city of Taiz and to supply the sums collected from the port of Hodeidah to the Central Bank to pay the salaries of employees in  Sana'a and the rest of the provinces under their control.

While he pointed out that the negotiations will focus on lifting the siege on Taiz and opening the main roads according to the vision we presented, in addition to the violations, and the Houthis have no choice but to implement the commitments and lift the siege on the city of Taiz, and we are optimistic about reaching positive results.

The head of the government negotiating team affirmed his commitment to searching for all ways to end the Houthi militia's siege on Taiz, and to put the world before the reality of the party obstructing the armistice agreement and the continued suffering of the Yemeni people.

He added, "We are interacting positively in order to put the whole world in front of the reality of the siege, and the reality of those who are carrying it out, and obstructing its implementation by all means."