Southern Politicians: Draft Committee of Al-Hatar Serves the Brotherhood

English - الأحد 05 يونيو 2022 الساعة 08:29 م
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 Southern politicians considered the draft rules regulating the work of the Leadership Council prepared by the Legal Committee headed by Judge Hammoud Al-Hatar and handed over to the Chairman of the Leadership Council as a violation and serving the Brotherhood in Yemen.

The Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, had received a few days ago the draft rules regulating the work of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission and the legal and economic teams, from the team leader, Judge Hammoud Al-Hatar, in the presence of the team.

Analyst and political researcher Saeed Bakran said that the draft regulating the work of the Presidency Council, which was produced by the Legal Committee headed by Hammoud Al-Hatar, was designed to empty the Council of the goal for which it was established and to devote absolute powers to Rashad Al-Alimi.

He explained that the Brotherhood’s committee headed by the leader of the international organization, Hammoud Al-Hatar, detailed the work of the Presidency Council according to the organization’s dimensions, marginalizing the role of the council’s members, and making them comprising of directives that come ready from the departments of the Presidency Office and the General Secretariat.

He stressed that the draft granted the office of the President of the Council and the General Secretariat the powers and scope of work through which the policies and decisions of the Council could be directed.

For his part, southern lawyer Yahya Ghaleb Al-Shuaibi said that all the pages of the draft legal rules for the Presidential Council prepared by Hammoud Al-Hatar's team smell of explosion, conflict and crises.

 He pointed out that the Chairman of the Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Council, is a man of law before he was a statesman, and his access by law to the top of the pyramid of power is a gain for any political system.

 Addressing President Al-Alimi, Al-Shuaibi said: You are faced with a simple test if you stripped of the tendencies of political affiliation and preferred everyone's interest. We are convinced that you will not accept a legal draft that contradicts the law.  Don't be disappointed.

The southern leader, Ahmed al-Rubaizi, was surprised that the draft was not based on the outcomes of the Riyadh consultations and the final statement as a basic reference.

Al-Rubaizi said, in a series of tweets, that the draft was based on the announcement of the transfer of power, which mainly stemmed from the Riyadh consultations, adding that its deliberate disregard for the results of the Riyadh consultations and its final statement raises a lot of suspicion.

 Al-Rubaizi believes that the draft is not worth the ink and paper on which it was written as long as the Riyadh consultations that brought together parties and components from the south and north were absent, and went to adopt the so-called three references, which absented the southern issue and deepened the differences in the north.

He added, in the draft, the committee adopted the "Riyadh Agreement" as a reference to be added to the so-called three references, explaining that the aim of this is to use the security and military clause from it only, because some northern elites basically do not see in the agreement, except to strip the Transitional Council of its weapons, and its forces.  armed.

While the official in the transitional, Nasr Al-Esai, compared the draft submitted by Al-Hitar to the draft of the unity agreement between the south and the north, adding: "If it passes, a disaster will lead us to the path of failure and loss."