Yemenia cancels a flight from Cairo to Sanaa and refuses to return the difference to the passengers

English - الثلاثاء 07 يونيو 2022 الساعة 08:06 م
Cairo, NewsYemen, private:

 Yemeni travelers in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, said that they were surprised that the Yemeni Airlines company canceled a flight that was scheduled to leave today, Tuesday, after they had booked tickets for their return to Sanaa on board.

Abdulsalam Hamid told NewsYemen that they went to the Yemeni office in Cairo to inquire, and they were not allowed to meet with the office's official.

He stated that they demanded a refund of the difference in the amount they had paid, but that Yemenia Airlines refused.

Abdulsalam confirmed that a group of travelers who were ready to travel paid a difference of 200 dollars, some 100 and others 50 dollars.

Yesterday (Monday) Yemenia Airlines announced on its official Facebook page the cancellation of the flight until it is granted a permit, which confused the passengers who were waiting in the capital, Cairo.

 Some information indicates that the Houthi militia was behind the cancellation of the flight on the pretext that there was insufficient fuel to supply the plane, which was neither confirmed nor denied by the concerned authorities.