The President of the Houthis is building an investment project in the largest cemetery in Dhamar

English - Wednesday 08 June 2022 الساعة 06:25 pm
Dhamar, NewsYemen, Special:

Influential Houthi leaders seized the largest cemetery in the city of Dhamar and began building on it, in the context of the looting they practiced against state lands and citizens in the areas under their control.

Local sources in Dhamar told NewsYemen that Houthi leaders seized an area of (28.368) square meters from Al-Amoudi cemetery, the largest cemetery in the city of Dhamar, and began building on it and constructing shops.

According to the sources, the robbery of the cemetery located on the main street in the city of Dhamar (Sana'a Street) came as a prelude to the establishment of an investment project for the leader of the Houthi militia Mahdi al-Mashat, head of the so-called "Supreme Political Council" and leader Abdul Majeed al-Houthi, appointed head of the so-called "General Authority for Endowments", with the complicity of  From the leader Muhammad al-Bakhiti, the governor of the Houthis in Dhamar.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia was not satisfied with robbing the cemetery and violating its sanctity by constructing shops, but would also build residential apartments with attached toilets and sewage facilities over the graves of the dead.

It indicated that judicial rulings were previously issued in 1995 prohibiting any developments or changes to Al-Amoudi's cemetery in the city of Dhamar, which was stopped by "the scholar Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Amoudi" hundreds of years ago.

The Houthi robbery of Al-Amoudi's cemetery drew widespread resentment and criticism from activists and human rights activists on social media.

Recently, in Dhamar and the Houthi-controlled governorates, looting, landscaping and appropriation of real estate and endowment properties have escalated in favor of influential Houthi leaders in full view and hearing.