Who is behind the terrorist operations in Shabwa?

English - الأربعاء 22 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:51 م
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A security checkpoint of the Shabwa Defense Forces was attacked by a terrorist attack, at dawn on Wednesday, which led to the death of 5 soldiers and the wounding of others.

According to security sources, Al-Qaeda militants attacked a security point for Shabwa Defense located next to the Bin Amer station near the capital, Ataq, and clashes erupted between extremist elements and members of the point, which lasted for more than an hour, after which five soldiers were martyred and others were wounded, while the terrorist elements managed to leave the place without knowing if any of its members were killed or injured.

The terrorist attack, which coincides with an intense media campaign launched by the Brotherhood and Houthi media on the southern forces in the province, raises a thousand question marks about these terrorist attacks, which many described as political.

Southern activists believe that the Brotherhood's campaigns come in response to the organization's loss of Shabwa governorate after the dismissal of its Brotherhood governor, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, and the loss of the group's most important source of income, which was represented by the governorate.

The operations that target the Shabwa Defense Forces only raise eyebrows, as the points belonging to the special forces loyal to the Brotherhood were not exposed, and the terrorists passed without objection to carry out their operations against the southern forces.

Excluding terrorism for Brotherhood forces does not happen only in Shabwa, but even neighboring Abyan witnessed similar incidents in which terrorist elements excluded Brotherhood points and targeted the security belt forces in Lauder and Mudiyah, which is surprising.

The southern academic, Dr. Hussein Al-Diyani, commented on the targeting of Shabwa Defense Forces soldiers, saying, "For three years, the Brotherhood's special forces were safe and reassuring in Shabwa, which were not targeted by al-Qaeda, and as soon as the Shabwa Defense Force took over the mission, terrorist activities began."

Al-Diyani indicated that "cleaning Shabwa from terrorism and their allies in power is not a matter that requires delay and politeness."

In turn, political writer Saleh Ali Al-Dawil said, "During the past years, terrorism coexisted with the situation in Shabwa. It did not attack the points, but rather liquidated the elite."

 "The order was given to terrorism to be killed in the Shabwa Defense Forces, which confirms that it is a system and not an organization, part of which is in the structure of the authority gives information and part is killed," Al-Dawil added.

Southern journalist Yasser Al-Yafei says, "After a wide campaign of incitement launched by activists and officials of the Brotherhood against the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Giants Forces, on the pretext that these forces are backed by the UAE, a terrorist attack at dawn today targeted a gathering of Shabwa Defense Forces near the city of Ataq, and sources talk about 5 martyrs and 8  Wounded in the ranks of the Shabwa Defense Forces.

Al-Yafei pointed out that "those who engage in incitement are a partner in this killing and a justification for it, unfortunately, some of the instigators are affiliated with senior state officials and receive salaries in dollars while they are abroad."

Al-Yafei indicated that "the operations of the terrorist groups stopped throughout the Brotherhood's control over Shabwa, and they coexisted with this group and re-established their presence in all regions. Rather, they formed one team to fight the southern forces, and handed over three directorates to the Houthi militia and did not shoot them with a single shot."

Al-Yafei warned that the operations of terrorist groups and incitement came in conjunction with the deployment of southern forces in the oil fields for the first time since 1994 and in conjunction with the efforts made by the authorities to re-export oil and obtain revenues for the development of the province.