"Houthi Stock Exchange"... Provoking Iran's Calamities to Destroy Sana'a

English - الخميس 23 يونيو 2022 الساعة 09:25 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

 From the heart of Iran, which is mired in the problems of inflation, the collapse of the currency, the high unemployment rate, the deterioration of the economy and security, to the point of stealing money from banks, the Houthi militia brings to occupied Sanaa experiences of complete collapse as soon as possible.

The public employment of Iran blinded the Houthi militia from seeing its economic crimes in Sanaa and the neighboring governorates, such as looting the salaries of state employees, the deterioration of the currency price, the high rate of beggary, unemployment, poverty, the spread of diseases and epidemics, the spread of starvation, deadly price doses, and the increase in the imposition of royalties and illegal levies.

In return for these manifestations of collapse and systematic destruction, Iran’s arm in Yemen went with endless political bargaining, blatant and deliberate aggression, to sign what it called (a memorandum of understanding with the Iranian side in order to establish a stock exchange in Yemen).

 A laughable Houthi fad, given that the evil of calamity is not laughable, and in a popular Yemeni dialect, it can be considered (anesthesia) mixed with joint corruption between the merchants of sovereignty in Sanaa and their guardians in Iran.

 (Sedation) filled with the smell of narcotic (Shabu), which gives its users an increased feeling of self-confidence, pride, a calm mood, and a sense of positive energy from national emblems, while it is in the quagmire of employment from head to toe.