The Houthi militia has blocked more than 200 local and foreign news websites in Yemen

English - الخميس 30 يونيو 2022 الساعة 06:53 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said, on Wednesday, that the terrorist Houthi militia continues to block more than 200 local and foreign news websites from followers in Yemen.

This came in a report issued by "SAM" in cooperation with the "Internews" organization to shed light on the blocking of news websites in Yemen by the Houthis, and what it constitutes a violation of digital rights and the right to access information.

The report stressed that since the start of the war, which was ignited by the Houthi militia, "about 80 newspapers, magazines and radio stations stopped."

The report said that the restriction on freedom of media practice and the blocking of news websites comes in the context of the ruling authorities' efforts to obscure the media message that contradicts their narrative, as well as their desire to isolate Yemenis from the outside world.

He added that media freedoms in Yemen witnessed a terrible collapse, and an unprecedented decline, in a way that seemed to be regressing backwards in an engineering sequence, which made Yemen one of the worst countries in "media freedoms", as it ranked 169th in the World Press Index.

The report called on the Houthi militia to unblock news websites, and to avoid restricting access to the Internet or censoring news content in any way.