Sharp criticism of Yemeni drama during the month of Ramadan

English - Monday 27 March 2023 الساعة 02:19 pm
Al-Mocha, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Yemeni drama during the holy month of Ramadan was subjected to sharp criticism by followers, who believe that it represented a new collapse of the declining level of drama year after year.

The independent Yemeni satellite channels loyal to the legitimacy or the Houthi terrorist militia broadcast a number of artworks performed by actors, most of whom appeared in more than one work.

Journalist Majid Al-Daari says, "Drama works are keen to highlight the most beautiful things in countries and peoples in terms of civilizations, history, heritage, originality, and the embodiment of all good values within societies, except in Yemen, where every year it deliberately goes deeper into embodying the shallowness of negative, sarcastic ideas that offend the Yemeni citizen and portray him as if he lives  On another planet, and for the purpose of creating blasphemous humor and nothing more, as if drama is limited only to the idea of entertainment comedy and the purpose of comic entertainment.

Al-Daari asked, in a post on his Facebook account: “Why do all Yemeni directors, writers, and actors insist on escaping with their Ramadan dramas towards negative comedy that is devoid of any message, artistic performance, or dramatic ideas?” Has hollow satire and distortion of the Yemeni become an unanimous goal agreed upon by all producers, directors, and actors?  Yemenis?”

He emphasized that for the second day of the research, it failed to find a meaningful Ramadan drama that deserves to be watched on all Yemeni television channels, since poor performance and superficial ideas are the two common denominators this year, in all Ramadan works, even those in which supposedly major stars of art and acting in Yemen participate.  .

For his part, the journalist Nashwan Al-Othmani said that the Yemeni drama suffers from severe bad script, directing and acting, and thus almost lacks most of the character of creativity, indicating that there are only individuals who distinguished themselves in performance.

Al-Othmani pointed out that there is a shocking weakness in the structure of the series, its introduction, the idea, the issue, and the artificiality of representation.

And he believes that in most of them there are actors who do not act, but they only pretend to act or pretend it, stressing that this is an impression, but these works need strong criticism, which does not be harsh to frustrate, but to teach.

For her part, the activist and media figure Ahed Yassin said, "Through my watching of some episodes of the Yemeni drama, I noticed that it lacks the basic idea and how to link it with secondary ideas. Secondly, the scenario of pictures, dialogue, and music is very poor, old, and poor in creativity."

Ahed, the photographer’s daughter, Abdul Shakour Yassin, points out that the performance of the actors is very weak and poor in creativity, and the directing is weak and devoid of any interdependence and sequence of scenes with poor creativity, in addition to the lack of realism and true simulation of reality.

Activist and media figure, Yasser Al-Hassani, also criticized the Yemeni drama, and although he initially indicated that there was a remarkable development in the quality of the image, he indicated that the quality of the content is still poor and unfortunately boring.