Iran's arm is investing in "confidence building" to plunder internally and blackmail abroad

English - Tuesday 03 October 2023 الساعة 10:20 am
Sanaa, NewsYemen:

The term "confidence building" has become a peg used by the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, to complete its sectarian project at home and blackmail the outside world, which seeks to end the war and bring peace.

With the announcement of Yemen Airways Company stopping its direct flights to Sanaa Airport due to the Houthi militia continuing to impose restrictions on the company’s accounts in Sanaa banks, Houthi leader Hussein al-Ezzi, appointed as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Sanaa government, which is not internationally recognized, recalled the path to “building confidence.” 

Al-Ezzi claimed, in a blog post on his account on the X platform, that this decision “represents a major insult to joint efforts on the path to building trust.” While the Houthi militias, to date, have not taken any action or action on the path to building confidence. On the contrary, they continue to betray charters and covenants and violate agreements, starting with the Kuwait consultations and ending with the recent UN truce.

Political analysts believe that, by using this term, the Houthi militia actually aims to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, which has demonstrated its urgent need to end the crisis through the successive concessions it makes to the militias.

It is believed that Al-Ezzi’s expectation of a quick initiative to reverse the suspension of flights to Sana’a Airport may be a message to Saudi Arabia in order to put pressure on the legitimacy and Yemeni Airlines to resume flights.