Southern activists and politicians unanimously agree on the need to structure the Southern Transitional Council

English - Tuesday 28 March 2023 الساعة 12:15 am
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Southern activists and politicians unanimously agreed on the importance of the directions of the President of the Southern Transitional Council - member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, regarding restructuring the Council and updating the regulations of its bodies.

 Al-Zubaidi had met, on Saturday, the chairman and members of the Restructuring Committee, and heard from them a full explanation of the efforts it made in preparing the regulations and systems of the Transitional Council and its newly created and existing bodies to organize their work to keep pace with the process of change and the expected modernization in the structures and work mechanisms of the central and local bodies of the Council and the mechanisms of supervision, monitoring and evaluation and accountability for the performance of the staff at all levels

Journalist Majed Al-Daari believes that "the restructuring of the Transitional Council is a step in the right path to save it from a possessive aging that has begun to overwhelm its bodies and departments, and paralysis threatens its pillars and the cohesion of its leadership and is about to threaten the future of the Council as a bearer of the southern cause," wondering about the strength of the committee and whether the structure includes the president of the council and members of its presidency  ?

The political journalist, Yasser Al-Yafei, considered that the structure of the Transitional Council has become a necessity, and its time has come, stressing in this regard the need for the structure to be according to a real assessment, especially since a long time has passed since the formation of the Southern Transitional Council.

He said, "There is a real opportunity for evaluation; whoever succeeds in his mission continues, and whoever fails or fails is replaced on the basis of competence, specialization, and experience, and not on a regional basis."  He hoped that the structure would include the security services in Aden with various names, so that they would be national security services in the south and not affiliated with a specific region or leader, which gives ease in rotating leadership positions in them in a smooth manner in which the regional tendency does not interfere until the previous mistakes are fixed, which were exploited by weak-minded people to form lobbies to oppress people and plunder their rights.

 "The citizen in the south wants to touch a different reality that restores hope for the future," he added.

In turn, the activist Nayef Al-Maduri believes that structuring the Southern Transitional Council has become an absolute necessity to expand the council's circle and provide it with more patriotic blood that believes in the cause and offers its life cheaply for it.

And he added, "Therefore, we hope that the restructuring will not take the form of courtesy or favoritism, or by including party leaders who do not believe in the aspirations of the southern nation, so that we do not find ourselves facing leaders floundering in their decisions and political orientations."