Houthi landmines kill, injure many civilians in Mocha

English - Friday 11 January 2019 الساعة 06:22 pm
Yakhtel/Mocha – NewsYemen.net

A civilian was killed and two children were seriously injured by a Houthi landmine blast on the coastal road north the coastal city of Mocha in Taiz, west Yemen on Thursday.

Another Houthi landmine exploded at three fishermen on a road led to al-Zahari coast, north Mocha in Taiz province.

A 35-year-old fisherman was killed instantly and two children (14 and 13) were seriously injured.

Victims are increasing due to the Houthi landmines in the West Coast and Mocha's villages.

A few days later, a Houthi landmine was killed Essam Mohammed Zaid Siddiq in al-Baqiriya village, northeast Mocha district, and one of his feet was amputated due to the blast. The young Siddiq now in a critical condition.

Civilians in the eastern part of Mocha district are demanding an urgent intervention by the engineering teams of the Saudi Demining Program, known by MASAM to cleanse landmines in Ramah, al-Baqriya, Kadihah, al-Shatheleyah, sub-lines in these villages.

Displaced persons have returned their villages and farms, but landmines and explosives pose a real threat to farmers' normal resumption of their work and their daily lives.

Two young men were killed in a Houthi landmine in Mawza'a district, east Mocha, the third was injured while they were riding a motorcycle.

A local source said that Tariq Haidarah and Ebrahim Ateyah were killed, the driver was injured by the Houthi landmine exploded at the motorbike in al-Ma'asam area while on their way homes.