Houthi leader and 4 escorts killed west of Taiz

English - منذ 595 يوم و 12 ساعة و 15 دقيقة

Houthi leader Mohammed al-Qaoud and four of his companions were killed tuesday after artillery shelling in Taiz.

Two other Houthi militiamen injured Iran's arm in Yemen.

Violent clashes took place between the southern resistance forces and the Houthi militia in The Herz area of Hefan district, southeast of Taiz, where the forces were able to counter the attack and the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses.

Field sources said that the clashes broke out after an attack by the Houthi militia on resistance positions and days after the militia brought reinforcements to the front.

The sources said that the Houthi militia was seeking from the attack to take control of some positions in the sector of the attack and al-Adair, but failed and suffered three deaths and destroyed military vehicles.

One member of the resistance, Omar Faisal Saeed Mohammed, was killed in the fighting at the bead site and others were wounded.