Motion Graphic: Spring Revolution or Autumn Hell?

@ aden,newsyemen English

2019-12-26 11:09:39

The chaos of what was called the "Arab Spring revolutions" struck in 2011, a number of Arab countries, causing a major political and economic crisis.

These protests brought down many regimes and brought other countries into chaos, while some countries still pay the cost of the "chaos of the spring" until now.

Political Islam groups managed to rise to power over the turbulence of the spring, but the Islamists failed to rule.

Models of the rule of Islamists in some Arab countries revealed that they are not concerned with nation-building insofar as it is important to use power to spread their doctrines, and thus the protests also brought down the clergy and laced their lies to all.

The "Newsyemen" channel, on YouTube, publishes a motion graphic video, showing the high costs caused by the spring strikes, as well as its role in dropping the Islamists' claims of injustice and their hostility to democratic regimes for the myth of the caliphate.