rotherhood brigade arrests soldiers who detained a shipment of explosives for Houthi Taiz

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2019-12-28 09:17:05

A military source said that three members of the Brotherhood's 17th Brigade, seized 15 vehicles loaded with smuggled cigarettes and explosive materials (TNT) at the front of "Al-Ashrouh" area, while they were heading to the city of Al-Barh, which is controlled by the Houthi militias, and detained them after inspection.

The source added, that the brigade's command instructed its members to allow the shipment of contraband to continue its passage to the Houthi militia-controlled areas, and when they refused, the brigade sent two military battalions to the area and arrested the individuals, and allowed the shipment to pass.

A second military source accused the brigade's leadership of receiving millions of riyals in exchange for allowing the passage of these shipments, and that the smuggling of explosives to the Houthi militia is carried out under the direct supervision of senior military leaders, including the commander of the 17th Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Shamsani, and the head of the brigade's operations and the leader of the Islah party, Abdo Hamoud al-Saghir.

He explained that the passage of the shipments takes place in coordination with a Houthi leader called "Abu Shuaib" and is present on the western countryside fronts of the city.

Locals in the region revealed that the shipment of smuggling of suspicious materials occurred on a weekly basis in the area, and that some of them were accompanied by military crews from the 17th Brigade at the scene of its operations in the Al-Ashrouh front, west of Taiz.