Brotherhood moves in Abyan torpedo the Riyadh Agreement and threaten the Leadership Council

English - الخميس 19 مايو 2022 الساعة 07:06 م
Abyan, NewsYemen, private:

 The movements of the Brotherhood’s army in the Ahwar district of Abyan governorate, in the south of the country, threaten the consensus of the Presidential Command Council and its directions to complete the implementation of the security and military part of the Riyadh Agreement, which provides for the withdrawal of all military forces from Abyan towards areas of confrontation against the Houthi militias.

The Ministry of Defense website said, on Wednesday, that a joint security force from the Abyan axis, which is under the control of the Brotherhood, carried out a field descent to the Ahwar district, claiming to secure the international line linking the governorates of Aden and Hadhramaut.

According to the military website, the command of the joint security force consisted of Brigadier General Louay Awad al-Zamki, staff of the Abyan axis, commander of the 3rd Brigade, Presidential Guard, Colonel Ali Saeed al-Omeisy, head of joint forces operations in Abyan axis, Brigadier General Abdul Qader al-Jaari, commander of the 103rd Infantry Brigade, and Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Jabr, commander the 89th Infantry Brigade, Colonel Al-Khader Corner Muhammad Al-Tali, Staff of the 115th Infantry Brigade, and the battalion leaders in the aforementioned brigades.

These moves, which apparently took place without coordination with the leadership of the fourth military region, which is located in the deployment area within the scope of its theater of operations, were rejected by the leadership of the 111th Brigade stationed in the Ahwar district led by Brigadier General Muhammad Ahmed Mulhim, who confirmed that the entry of Al-Zamki forces into the district is an explicit violation of military laws  And he violated the Riyadh Agreement, noting that what Al-Zamki forces had done was a clear occupation and invasion of the district, and a disdain and mockery of the forces of the 111th Brigade present in the district.

In its statement, the command of the brigade accused al-Zamki's forces of seeking to spread conflict, sedition and terrorism in Ahwar by setting up checkpoints and levies to loot money from the coastal line that connects the capital, Aden and Hadhramaut.

The leadership of the 111th Brigade confirmed its categorical refusal to submit to the Abyan axis, as it is under the control of the Fourth Military District, blaming Al-Zamki's forces for any problems in Ahwar.

The military brigades under the so-called Abyan axis refuse to implement any directives issued by the previous or current legitimate authority. 

They receive directives from the Islah Party in legitimacy, specifically the wing loyal to Turkey and Qatar, and are considered a center for incubating terrorist elements affiliated with ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The movements of Al-Zamki and his forces provoked a state of resentment and anger in the southern street, and everyone agrees that these movements are aimed at provoking sedition and achieving goals that serve the Brotherhood militias in Seiyun.

Southern politician Ahmed al-Rubaizi says, "The attempt to spread the Brotherhood's militia in Ahwar and its coasts aims to create a direct confrontation with the security belt, the resistance, and the sons of Ahwar and al-Mahfad, Abyan governorate, and it is clear that their orders were received from the Brotherhood, and their ignition is intended to reduce popular and official pressure on their militias in the first region in Seiyun, Wadi Hadhramaut.

Al-Rubaizy added, in a series of tweets on Twitter, "At a time when we hoped that some of the military leaders stationed in Shaqra would absorb the lessons of conspiracy against them from some mercenaries linked to the Brotherhood... But it seems that some are still being led by those who are rooted in ideological association with the Brotherhood, who  They are still practicing terrorism, which is popularly, Arably and internationally,” stressing the need for the national military leaders who are still in Shakra to realize that the attempt to expand the Brotherhood militias known to us and they have towards the Ahwar District, will confront the Ahwar people who reject the presence of these terrorist militias.