Yemeni "..a beautiful bird tampered with the creatures of corruption and the fates of nepotism

English - الاثنين 06 يونيو 2022 الساعة 10:20 ص
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 A new decision toppled the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemenia Airlines, Captain Ahmed Al-Alwani, after years of failure, to open new hope for radical reforms that would restore consideration to this revenue-making and service entity at the same time.

Resolution No. (16) for the year 2022 AD, stipulating the appointment of Captain Nasser Mahmoud as Chairman of the Board of Directors, in an important step from the citizens' point of view, after the company's services declined and reports revealed the existence of major corruption deals during the rule of President Hadi.

The company suffered a lot during the era of the two former presidents. Customer complaints from travelers and others increased about errors and insanely high ticket prices, in light of difficult living conditions.

Worst corruption deals

According to reports, the worst corruption deal is the one announced months ago, as the French press revealed in a report the status of the new plane that joined the Yemeni air fleet amid great celebration by the administration.

The French press had reported that the Mauritius L'Express website confirmed in a report that "the A330-200, which had been parked for decades in a dangerous area within Air Mauritius, has become a subsidiary of Yemenia.

He added that instead of terminating its services due to problems with the parent company, repairs were made to it in a Middle Eastern country and sold, without mentioning any explanations about the nature of the deal and the repairs.

The report pointed out that there are two A330-200 planes, one of which was shipped to Egypt and repaired and sold to Yemen, while the other went to the aircraft cemetery in Arizona, in Pinal Air Park, on November 23, 2021.

Change is important

 "Newsmen" contacted an official at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo, who preferred not to be named, who confirmed that the change decision itself is good, but he made it clear that he did not know any details about the current president, Nasser Mahmoud.

On his question, was he aware of the plane deal and the reforms that happened to it, he replied that he knows Al-Alwani well, and that the man is disciplined, but I believe - according to him - that the corruption operations are much greater than him, and yet he bears responsibility because he is the front that can be held accountable.

He attributed what happened to Yemen during the last period within the framework of appointments and nepotism led by the sons of President Hadi and the director of his office Abdullah Al-Alimi in most government departments, including this important body and the only airline.

defense of corruption

 Al-Alwani had defended that deal through statements, in which he reviewed the safety of that plane and that it operates according to modern digital systems;  Considering this an unprecedented achievement despite all the clear reports, he boasts that it is the third aircraft that has been included in the air fleet.

The plane joined the Yemeni fleet on February 4, 2022, and the majority of observers believe that there is a plane that has suffered many malfunctions. It is now parked at Cairo Airport. It may be her.  A second plane has previously stopped for several months at the same airport, and this costs the public treasury large sums of money, as happened previously for one of the planes at a European airport.

The most important matter today is the issue of the downing of the Yemenia plane off the coast of the Comoros more than ten years ago as a result of a missile believed to have been launched from a “French base.” However, the courts today want to hold Yemenia responsible and financial compensation, while Yemeni officials did not explain to people any details.

Many observers are surprised by the extreme secrecy inside Yemen, and the failure to reveal first hand all the deals and problems facing this entity as the most important financial resource that achieves fantastic profits.