Separatist measures..Houthi militia continues to tamper with the documentation law

English - الاثنين 06 يونيو 2022 الساعة 04:18 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

The Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - continues to tamper with laws and regulations, harnessing them to serve the group and empowering it to gain power, imposing more levies, and practices of systematic impoverishment and starvation of citizens in its areas of control.

In this context, the Houthi militia tends to amend some articles of the Documentation Law No. 7 of 2010, as part of what it calls "the reforms of the system and regulations in the various judicial bodies", while they are considered mandatory and illegal procedures.

In a meeting called the “Judicial Council” under the control of the Houthi militia, on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 AD, the Houthi militia claimed to discuss “the observations made on the draft amendment of some articles of the Documentation Law No. 7 of 2010,” and according to informed sources, “the council directed to absorb the observations and complete the  Necessary procedures in accordance with legal and constitutional rules and procedures.

The political activist, Muhammad Al-Maqaleh, warned against the group's tendency to rewrite the insights, sales and purchase contracts, endowment documents, "and all that is stable of transactions."

And he said in a tweet to him on Twitter: "You have to wait tomorrow to change the marriage contracts, heirs and wills," noting that the Mufti would not hesitate if he was asked, and the evidence would not be destroyed.  He added, "It suffices to say that you are a hypocrite and do not love the saints, the righteous, the stars of guidance and the lanterns of darkness."