Al-Ala’i, commenting on the “strange” Houthi rituals of dropsy: “We do not want anything through your mediation”

English - الثلاثاء 07 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:17 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Journalist and political writer Muhammad Al-Alai said that there is clear relief among people that it did not rain - despite their need for rain - after the "strange rituals called by the Houthis" in a number of governorates in northern Yemen.

The journalist Al-Alai was commenting on the rituals in which the Houthis begged the "blessing of the family of the house" for rain, during the rain prayer called by the group, on Monday, in Sanaa and other areas under its control.

And he wrote on his Facebook account, saying: "Despite the people's need for rain, the satisfaction is clear that it did not rain after the strange rituals called by the Houthis in a number of northern governorates. 

The rituals in which they begged the blessings of the family of the house!"

Addressing the Houthis, he added: "We do not want anything through your mediation. You will humiliate us with everything, even rain. You will search in everything for evidence of the superiority of the family of the House, which you are, of course."

And he continued, "We thank God that the best thing that happened to us was in the fifty years of the republic's life."

He added, "I imagine and dread if you were the ones who built a school, a university, a bridge or a road."

Journalist Muhammad Al-Alai concluded by asking: "I am thinking what we will have to pay for anything you do?"