Houthi levies exceed 90 billion per month

English - الأحد 03 يوليو 2022 الساعة 10:10 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Sources in the Tax Authority, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, revealed that the amount of money collected by the militias from taxes has increased to nearly three times what was collected and collected during the past years.

The sources told NewsYemen that the total amount of money collected by the Tax Authority, which is run by militias in Sanaa, is close to ninety billion riyals per month, an increase of up to three times the taxes collected during the year before last.

According to the sources, the tax authority, which is under the control of the militias, received about eighty-five billion riyals at the end of May (equivalent to more than 153 million dollars), an amount that is expected to reach ninety billion riyals (equivalent to more than 162 million dollars) in June of this  year, a threefold increase from last year.

The sources attributed the increase in the value of the tax funds collected by the militias to their intentional increase in the percentage of tax collected by them, whether from senior taxpayers or from the rest of the other tax bases, by more than 100% on some taxpayers or institutions.  Where the information indicates that the revenues of senior taxpayers have increased to (60 billion per month. That is, an increase of twenty billion riyals over the last year 2021 ), while the value of other tax funds increased to more than thirty billion riyals, a double increase from previous years, while the taxes related to qat increased to three.  double what it was in previous years.

Sources in the Ministry of Finance, which are under the control of the militias, told NewsYemen: These figures confirm that the Houthi militias can pay the salaries of state employees according to the 2014 statements in all governorates of Yemen, but they continue to refuse to hand over the salaries of employees even in the areas under their control, on the pretext that they do not have sufficient revenues for that and are satisfied with that.  Disbursing only half of two salaries distributed over four halves during the whole year.

While the militias continue to refuse to deliver salaries, they supply tax funds, like the rest of the money they collect from zakat, endowments, etc. to unknown accounts, or investments for militia leaders, while no money reaches the accounts of the interest in the central bank.

The Houthi militia, through what it calls the Supreme Economic Committee, has set its own regulations in violation of the constitutional and legal provisions, and this committee has enabled this committee to control and supervise all the operations of levies for the money.  The money and levies you collect, while spending them without any regulations or ambiguities