Al-Houthi is waving war and threatening to target ports in the coalition countries

English - Saturday 25 March 2023 الساعة 12:36 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The Houthi terrorist group has escalated its threats to resume the war through statements by its leaders and movements on the ground during the past days, coinciding with the eighth anniversary of its outbreak.

The group's media broadcast scenes of a large military maneuver carried out by the group's militia last Wednesday, and said that it took place on an area of 60 square kilometers in Al-Jawf Governorate and near the Saudi border areas.

The maneuver, which the group's media claimed was the largest since the outbreak of the war, was accompanied by threats to resume it nearly a year after it was halted as a result of the UN armistice declared in April of last year, and attempts to extend it have been going on since last October.

On the sidelines of the maneuver, the spokesman for the Houthi militia, Yahya Saree, threatened to blow up the truce and return to war in the event of failure to respond to his group's conditions to extend the truce and enter into negotiations to end the war and conflict in Yemen.

Where the militia spokesman said that "after this maneuver is not the same as before," hinting at returning to the battles at any time, and said that "it may be in Ramadan or after Ramadan."

The threat of the militia spokesman was also accompanied by a threat made by Houthi Defense Minister Muhammad Al-Atifi in a speech he delivered during a military parade held by the group's militia in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, in conjunction with the maneuver in Al-Jawf.

Al-Atifi threatened in his speech to target and strike the ports in the countries of the Arab coalition, which he accused of imposing a blockade on the ports under the control of the group, as he waved the adoption of "the port-for-port equation if necessary to lift the blockade," he said.

The Houthi militia's threats to target ports in the Arab coalition countries, comes after the militias targeted the oil ports in the liberated areas late last year, which led to the complete cessation of oil exports.

In conjunction with these threats against the countries of the coalition, the Houthi group vowed to expel representatives of the United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism for ships arriving at the ports under the group's control, known as UNIFEM . 

The Houthi leader, Hussein al-Ezzi, appointed by the group as deputy foreign minister, accused, in a tweet on his Twitter account, the UN mechanism of detaining and preventing the container ship (Lamar) from reaching the port of Hodeidah.

Al-Ezzi said that his group gave the office of the United Nations Special Envoy 72 hours to stop what he called "the farce of UNIFEM", threatening in the event of not releasing her and not repeating any obstruction by notifying her representatives to leave the country and suspending all its activities until further notice.

The Houthi group's threat of war was not limited to threatening statements, but was embodied on the ground through the violent battles taking place in the Harib district, south of Ma'rib, a week ago, following the massive attack launched by the Houthi militia on the district to restore it a year after it was expelled from it by the forces of the southern giants.

An escalation on the ground by the Houthi militia and threats of war from its leadership may eliminate the signs of optimism that have taken place in recent days to end the conflict in Yemen, following the announcement of the Saudi-Iranian agreement to resume diplomatic relations between them.