Consultation Commission: Consultations must be direct on the basis of egitimacy and coup

English - Thursday 21 September 2023 الساعة 04:54 pm
Aden, Newsyemen:

 The Consultation and Reconciliation Commission in Yemen stressed the need for the Presidential Council to announce the joint negotiating delegation and activate its role immediately, explaining that delaying this step will contribute to the absence of legitimacy and its institutions in the file of stopping the war and the peace process.

 The Commission stressed the need for any comprehensive and direct political consultations between the legitimacy, led by the Presidential Command Council, and the Houthi militias to be on the basis of legitimacy and the coup, and in accordance with the terms of reference for the comprehensive solution agreed upon locally, regionally, and internationally, and the commitments included in the agreements between the forces and components of the legitimacy.

It said that the solutions must lead to the restoration of all state institutions, ending the coup and addressing its effects, disarming the Houthi militias, and ending the threats exercised by these militias through the continuous military buildup and their targeting of economic assets that represent the economic nerve of the country.

 This came during the meeting held by the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission on Wednesday, headed by Muhammad Al-Ghaithi, Chairman of the Commission, and in the presence of the Commission’s Vice-Presidents, Abdul Malik Al-Mikhlafi, Sakher Al-Wajeh, Jamila Ali Raja, and a number of members of the General Commission.

 The Commission reaffirmed the position of legitimacy in support of peace and stability efforts, and the need to stop the war caused by the Houthi militias.

It stressed that all stages of negotiation are a major and direct task for the Leadership Council, subordinate bodies, and the legitimate government.

 The Commission called on the international and regional community to respect the sacrifices, will and legitimate aspirations of our people.

 The Commission discussed the political developments related to the truce efforts and the peace process, especially the regional efforts led by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, which aim to reach a comprehensive peace process. The Commission appreciated the fraternal efforts led by the brothers to end the war.

The Commission called for an urgent meeting with the Presidential Leadership Council, stressing that it will remain in permanent session to follow up on developments and deal with them in a way that ensures contribution to the peace efforts and their success, and ensuring that they are in accordance with the will and aspirations of our people, and their enormous sacrifices.